View a tattoo before it’s permanent.

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Whether you are a beginner just thinking about getting your first tattoo or a seasoned professional adding to your collection of body art Tattoo Visualizer is a great tool to use during the tattoo creation process. It is an augmented reality application that allows you to visualize how a tattoo will look on your body. Seeing an example tattoo on your body before getting the real thing is a vital part of the tattoo process. You can test a few of the sample tattoos in the app or if you have something already in mind you can upload it. Just print the augmented reality target image or use your own target to see the tattoo. Simply view the target with your phone or tablet and watch your tattoo come to life on your skin.

• Download and Print the augmented reality target image from
• Choose an image from the built-in library or upload a tattoo, transparency is important so make sure it is a PNG with transparency (you can make a tattoo directly on your device using ArtFlow
• View the target with the device to see the tattoo augmented around the target
• Use the color and transform options to make the tattoo exactly how and where you want it
• Take a screenshot to share and get opinions from friends
• Go get your new tattoo
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